Thursday, February 21, 2013

Death of Dorothy Satten

One of the wisest and kindest (as well as most brilliant and effective) people I have known and learned from died yesterday. I remember she used to say that when she died she wanted to be all used up - to not have held back but to have lived and been generous with all she knew and was. She sure did that. I don't go three hours most days without applying a life lesson she taught me. And I know I'm one of many. Thank you Dorothy. You were and ever remain a blessing.

Dorothy and her husband Mort taught me invaluable psycho drama techniques.  They taught me so much more though, about how to live and love and work and play. They,along with Martha Perkins and Carl Kirsch, are my professional "parents" and I will honor them always.  I regret that I didn't continue my relationships with them more actively after my period of studying with them was over.  I hope I gave enough love and appeciation back to people who truly helped me build the life I have today.

Among the lighter lessons I learned from Dorothy were how to wear a beautiful shawl with grace, that I can wear my hair long as long as I please, and not to pat people when I hug them.  Just to hold on.  I'm holding on to my memories of both her and Mort today and feeling the glow of rememberance more than the sadness of loss.

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Mary said...

I do remember that you always mentioned that Dorothy Satten was one of your mentors! I am sure she would be honored by your life and how you followed her teachings so faithfully.