Friday, December 09, 2011

Ruth and I werre talking about blogging this evening - and in my writers group we have recently had discussions about writing "from the gut". Both discussions have me thinking that I want to work on my writing so that I will tell more stories with more details, especially feeling details, to engage more with the reader. I think I feel my posts are more self-revealing than they seem because I don't tend to write specific details, sometimes because I don't put enough effort into the writing, other times because I want to save my own face or someone else's. I think its my nature to be a little more in my head than most, a step removed from my experiences, and I want to work against that tendency to write with greater heat and transparency.

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Mary said...

I am wondering what Ruth thought.

I think that one can write from the gut at two different levels. One level--leaving out details, but the poet KNOWS the details, and allows the reader to use the poem to perhaps reflect on his/her own experiences and perhaps if he/she knows the poet well enough be able to guess the backstory.

On another level, the poet shares the whole backstory, with emotions intact, not always pretty, sometimes raw, sometimes very loving; but details of the causes of emotion written so that even a reader who is not familiar with the poet's life can know, from the gut, the poem!