Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fifth night of Hannukah falls on Christmas Eve. I feel the sweetness of the celebration of the birth of hope - whether in the form of a messiah or in any other form. For solong after Kerry died I wouldn't hope about anything - could not bear the idea of having another foundation shattered. Bob shook sense into me about that. It was too hard, too depressing to live without hope that tomorrow would come. I don't trust that tomorrow will come. it might not. But I hope it will, and that's enough.

Tonight's candle was for all of us who have trouble admitting when we have been wrong.

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Mary said...

Victoria, I like very much your message of HOPE. Thank you. We all have SO many lessons to teach one another, if only we would share and if only we would listen. Hope, in whatever form it manifests itself, is beautiful.