Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It is a good thing but exhausting to be going through finals with KK as her major support person. She is so consciencious. The hardest test is tomorrow, preAP biology. There are so many formulas I'd have trouble withthe test. I'm proud of her develoiping good study habits. I think we're all ready for school to be out though. I know I am.


Mary said...

I will just say it, Victoria. I have missed you over at Skywriters. Sad really. Very sad. Enough said.

Victoria said...

I don't understand, Mary. I don't feel I've been completely absent, though less present than usual. I've been posting on your poems and posting some of my own, especially trying to use prompts you suggest. I've sent a few updates. I hate that my behavior makes you sad especially when I have been trying to stay involved. I'm also glad you care enough to miss me.