Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bob and I went to a wonderful Amnesty International event tonight - writing cards of encouragement and hope to prisoners of conscience around the world as well as the normal pleas for release. It was at a little African owned club over in East Austin - blues five nights a week and African music on Saturday night. The traditional African stringed instrument was amazing and one I've never seen. The owner musician fed us all free - heaping plates of luscious barbecue and also gave us glasses of wine. I only had a glass and a half. my first glass spilled and he gave me a refill, but I feel a heady mix of images from the peril of the political prisoners, the closeness of like minded citizens on a cold night, the trancy music, the food and maybe the wine.

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Mary said...

It does sound like a wonderful night, Victoria. A terrific setting, good music, food and drink, among like minded people. Couldn't be better.