Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have such a collection of images in my head tonight...Andrea telling me yesterday, as we crossed the street to the zoo to "Stop, car coming. Be careful." (I saw the car and am glad she is getting street crossing skills and concepts as she approaches three. Liam has them too.) KK delighted to see her first red eyed tree frog live and also delighted with her current sweetheart, matthew, who seems equally delighted with her. I find myself touching Bob more, cuddling closer as if young romance observed helps me remember to savor the sweetness we have together...concern for joe and heidi who are dealing with cancer information and changes and can laugh together still as well as cry. i know i'm not good at laughing even in good times. They astonish me. KK is studying for finals and i'm spending time with her in the little house, knitting as she studies. It feels good but I'm behind writing and don't like that. but now, sleep.

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