Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Prayer

We've had wonderful visiting and everyone else got tired and went to bed early. I'm not surprised as late talking has kept us up through the nights and I'm hte only one who has slept in. My Dad, bless him, would be proud of us because we are following two of his traditions for luck. We got the Christmas decorations down today and will be eating black eyed peas tomorrow.

I had the treat of having a knitting lesson from Mary Lee tonight. Learning feels difficult but possible. I have barely started on a soft gray, VERY EASY winter hat for liam, who collects and adores hats. I want to try more things that are new to me this year, especially creative projects and skills.

On a more serious note, 2010 was a tough year for our family, lots of change and loss, which created anxiety and doubts in me. I can't know 2011 will be any easier, but I found myself crafting a prayer of resolve for the new year. No matter what happens, I can handle it better.

Prayer of Resolve - 2011

Help me choose
love, not ego.
Sharpen my mind
to question.
Strengthen my soul
to abide.
Guide my choices
toward balance.
Open my heart
to listen.
Open my eyes
to injustice.
Increase my wisdom
to discern.
Fortify my courage
to act.
Amplify my voice
to speak.
Quicken my spirit
to rejoice.
Soften my will.
to accept.
Help me choose
love not ego.

Victoria Hendricks
anuary 1, 2011


Judy Roney said...

Your new years prayer is one I want to remember throughout this year, Victoria. Beautifully expressed hopes and goals for the new year. I will adopt them also. I'm glad you will be getting the black eyed peas on New Years. A must have in our home as well.

Willow said...

"Help me choose love not ego" thank you for that, for all your poems and most of all for you.
Every time I feel ego gnashing about I'll think love and ego will retreat.