Friday, January 21, 2011

It's funny. Generally these days highschoolers look really young to me. But when KK and I walked through the giant doors to MacCallum yesterday, the young people standing around in the hall and laughing in front of the school looked alarmingly grown up, amazingly sophisticated, and enormous. And KK, who usually seems pretty grown up, suddenly seemed alarmingly young, vulnerable, and in need of my protection. There is a huge difference between an eighth grader and a graduating senior. It will be a kick to watch/help KK make the journey of transformation from the one to the other, and also feels like a huge responsibility, one I take very seriously. She is so precious and I know high school can be dark with pain and peril as well as bright with fun, excitement, and chances for growth. Anyway, KK and I braved the very friendly secretary who guarded the admittance desk, turned in this letter, and managed to avoid holding hands as we walked out of the school. I feel so close to this little girl/young woman at this moment in time. I remember myself and her Mama and her Auntie at this time of life with tenderness. I'm relieved the letter's turned in and for now we just will continue as we have been.

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Mary said...

I am so glad you could be there with/ for KK!!