Monday, January 24, 2011

My mind is flitting all over tonight. Bob is starting to do volyunteer work in the refugee community here in Austin and he told me about a family from the Congo ( I met the sixth grade son) who lived ten years in refugee camps before getting refugee status in the US. They lived on corn, peas, beans, people crammed together, lots of illness - but better than the life they fled in which armed thugs killed anyone who wouldn't/couldn't give htem money. I think about Liam, so sweet and vulnerable in his bed, KK hurrying home from dance class to do homework, wondering what to wear tomorrow and worrying about high school next year. Our lives feel difficult sometimes, and yet they are so easy, so privleged. What hurts in our comfortable lifes hurts and absolute safety is an illusion. But still, it is much safer to be middle class in Austin Texas than to be in so many other circumstances - and utterly unearned.

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