Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's time for me to get serious about this blog again and about staying in touch with my thoughts, feelings, friends and family. Unconventional to start three quarters through January, but when have I ever been conventional. So here's my commitment - thirty posts in thirty days whether I feel like it or not, and then we'll see.

I've felt a little nuts since we got home from our amazing trip. The house and especially our room are messy with boxes from Bob's classroom and apartment, but he is making progress sorting. I just don't do well with lots of clutter. Work has been tough, lots of people struggling with difficult news and tough decisions. There have also been more than usual health crisis among extended family and close friends. I have stressed out over KK's deadline for application to the Fine Arts Academy and she has been both very busy and a little sick, which has slowed the process, but she finished her essay last night and Bob is taking over the paper work details so I can breathe there. Some good highlights are:
i get to wake up in bed with Liam and read with him a couple days a week when Ruth teaches an early class. Today was the first time and his sweet softness and eager curiosity blissed me out.
I'm an obsessive, delighted new knitter.
Bob is thriving in retirement, exercising conscienciously and effectively (upped both speed and distance) and volunteering magnificently (more about that later)
We went to the San Antonio Zoo on Monday with both daughters and ALL grand kids and saw hippos swimming right by our faces behind glass, wonderful playful monkeys, and the closest most intimate view I've ever had of a grizzly bear. He was so close I could even hear his claws on the ground (What big claws you have, Mr. Grizzly).
I get to go out to lunch with my friend Bill in about one minute - always a delight!


Anonymous said...

Have missed reading your blog.good to see you back CA

Joan said...

There are still 365 days in a year - start your year mid January if you like.