Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's odd about priorities. I get a little crazy about things that are important, but not life or death, like getting all the right paper work into the envelope to get KK signed up for the fine arts academy, even about which size and color envelope to use and what to write on the outside of it. Crazy! I know my anxiety is about not wanting to let KK down. She wrote a really good letter which expresses who she is, her dancer's voice, and she has the grades and the test scores and the training. This school is absolutely the right opportunity for her. I feel so much responsibility that she doesn't get rejected because I make some kind of dumb mistake with the paper work. I've had Bob check and recheck the details, and he's good at details so I really trust it's fine, but I still feel anxious about it. And yet I know that if we were being shot at or worrying about getting enough calories to survive the winter details like paperwork and school acceptance would fade fast.

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