Friday, May 08, 2009

This whooping cough scare really has me scared. Doctor told Joanna today that exposed babies sometimes just stop breathing without showing any symptoms. And how is anyone supposed to get any sleep? K.K. and I did go to a lovely Ballet Austin Cinderella. It was fun to go with her, watch here rapt in the dance, and see her with many of her dance friends. Everyone dressed up for the ballet, more than symphony or opera here - gorgeous gowns on women and girls of all ages. I enjoyed watching audience almost as much as show. Now everybody, even those of us immunized, are supposed to get antibiotics. Andrea has already been started on them even though she shows no symptoms. My immunization should still be good, as should Joanna's and Ruth's, but I'm supposed to take care of Liam on Tuesday and now I want to try to get antibiotics too since the doctor told Joanna she should.

Also Paul's funeral is in the morning. SO much to take in all at once.


Sue said...

(((( Victoria ))))))
Such a scary and sad time for you. I know well the feeling of fear for the infants exposed to ugly's. Remember wash hands...wash hands...wash hands. Cough into your sleeve...or shirt. Not on your hands.
Enjoy your day with Liam.

Sue said...

I forgot to send my sympathies to Paul's family and to you. The loss is hard even though it was a long and expected road.

Mary said...

How frightening about the whooping cough situation. Hoping that the scary time will be over for your family very soon.

Anonymous said...