Saturday, May 30, 2009

Past my bed time, (not insomniac, just got in late, talked with Bob, and needed to unwind a little. I had a pleasant bus ride down here after a productive, satisfying work day. I'm actually looking forward to packing upthe classroom tomorrow and then going to the beach in the evening. I'm a dork to like cleaning, but I DO (espefcially other people's cleaning) and of course I love the beach, especially with Bob. And interesting observation tonight was that several bus passengers brought fishing gear with them in order to fish down here. The bus was well ridden but not packed. I got to sit alone the whole way, which was comfortable. WE walked Lobo down by the bay after my arrivl, and I'm stonished again by the inky black quality of Corpus Christi bay on a still cloudy night. It takes the"inky black" phrase out of clichedom.