Saturday, May 02, 2009

This is one of those odd times when I feel allergic to sleep, but know I need it to enjoy a busy day tomorrow gardening with the kids, feeding meals to them, looking after Andrea as well as the big KDZ. Of course they hel;p me with Andrea. And Bob is home, which is great. Hew and I went to the symphony tonight. The Austin Symphony is su[per under Peter Bay and tonight we had a treat of hearing
a new work, Fifth Symphony, by local composer and professor Dan Weschler - a work which really impressed both of us. The second movement was inspoired by the bats under our local Congress Avenue Bridge and by the composer's long friendship with Peter Bay, who has been in Austin ten years now.


Ann said...

Can't wait to hear about your day gardening with the kids and rocking Andrea, Victoria.

Judy said...

It's so nice that you and Bob both enjoy the symphony. It sounds lovely, especially with a local composer who was inspired by the bats that live under a bridge there. Well, that's really bringing it home with a special interest.

Anonymous said...