Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Life is insane right now - such a mix. The swine flu is causing school cancellations and cancellations of cancellations. Bob was originally going to be off until next Wednesday, then supposed to go back for tomorrow, but now he is staying home taking care of Danny who may or may not have whooping cough. Danny has to stay at our house because whooping cough would be very dangerous and potentially lethal for Andrea and Liam, too young and not vaccinated yet. It is also Bob's and my twentieth wedding anniversary - very sweet. O'm glad he's home. I wrote him a poem.

Odd Combination

Always great combination,
You teacher, me healer
both dreamers, seekers,
lovers of books, hikes,
plays, music, children.
moonlight on water.

Always odd combination,
You wolf, me bear
you following logic,
me all intuition,
you on the dot,
me between moments,
you with to do list,
me of the cuff,

You name wild flowers,
each genus and species.
I remember their names
from season to season
You keep up computers,
I keep up with birthdays.
You get the math right.
I balance relationships.

Twenty years later.
Still odd, still good.

Victoria Hendricks
May 6, 2009


Sue said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Bob. Quick healing to Danny.

Ruth said...

Ack---Chris and Brynn post-ponned Boys'/Girls' night and I got confused thinking yesterday was Tuesday and TODAY was Wednesday! I'm sorry I didn't call!

Peggy said...

Happy anniversary--our 40th is coming up next week and how fast time flies--and yet how much has changed since those distant times.

Sorry about D's whooping cough. I thought the vaccination was supposed to last through childhood at least. Hope he heals quickly.

Mary said...

Wonderful anniversary poem, Victoria. Despite complications, it worked out well for Bob to be home at this anniversary blessing.

Judy Roney said...

Happy Anniversary, Victoria and Bob. I'm so sorry you have had such a full plate with whooping cough, care of grands, swine flu uncertainty in work schedules, etc. What a lot you have going on. Such a wonderful gift that you are still able to write through it all and give this beautiful poem to Bob for your anniversary. I love the poem; you definitely compliment each other.

Diane T said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to Bob and You! And what a wonderful poem.

Anonymous said...