Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For anyone waiting to see what was in the Menger time capsule, disappointment. They couldn't dig it up because it was pouring rain during the ceremony. Bob worries that more rain will make the field trip difficult tomorrow, but I hope not. He is taking his car and driving a couple of teachers because there are not enough bus seats - another great use for the Prius, Pearl.

I'm thrilled for K.K. tonight. She got commended status on her language arts TAKS test (as much as I dislike those tests, this is a real accomplishment for a girl who started out quite dyslexic and used to fear failing the reading portions. She's also reading real books for fun more and more. One hurdle behind us! I'm also touched that family relationships are close enough that she called to tell me about her scores.

I'm sad I didn't see Zachary on his seventh birthday - the first one I've missed celebrating on the day for any of the KDZ, I think - just no wheels available with everybody working and Tracy to hurt to drive. I did talk to Zachy and he sounded happy, well celebrated with cupcakes. Bob and I will take him on a special outing of his choosing as soon as school is out.

Aside - Chris is off his crutches and even took a walk with Liam in the stroller. I'm relieved he's moving better and hope Tracy will be too , soon.