Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Friday, excited about San Antonio trip tomorrow. Bob is talking to me on the phone though about how difficult his class is at the end of the year, especially about picking up mess - refusing to pick up things they didn't think they had thrown on the floor. He says kids throw trash behind the filing cabinet or in someone else's desk on purpose - too lazy to walk to the trash can. I don't get this kind of behavior AT ALL. I know he has lots of good classroom moments, but some of the negative attitudes are really unpleasant.


Mary said...

I don't get this either, but then again it always amazes me when I am in a park or along a street with trash bins available and note that some ADULT has thrown trash on the ground in the vicinity of the trash can rather than IN it, seeming to make a point of doing this. Or adults who throw cans or bottles or McDonald's bags out of car windows.

Anonymous said...