Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost Summer! Though I believe Bob and I are getting better each year at the weekend cooking long distance commuting game, and though the Prius helps with ecological guilt, we both look forward to summers. This one is almost upon us. I suspect we may not be odd among teachers and their families, who may appreciate summer as much as school kids. I can sure identify with K.K.'s can't wait for summer attitude in a way I don't think I could if my own life weren't so shaped by the school year.

All in all, Bob has had a pretty good school year, though still some frustration with the motivation level of the students.

He has added some great pluses for the fourth grade this year, including Thursday's field trip to the Alamo and Institute of Texas Cultures. My bus trip down to San Antonio to meet him Saturday morning was a great success. We scouted the two locations for fourth grade activities, which was fun. Its odd to be old enough that quilts, fans, architectural styles and cooking implements from my girlhood are featured in historical exhibits. Next weekend I will go down to Corpus and help him close up the classroom - a really big deal this year since the school is undergoing renovations and will be locked up tight all summer.

This weekend was good for us - quiet especially yesterday. We watched the Longhorn baseball team on TV win the Big 12 Conference tournament. We also watched Ballet Austin's performance of Hamlet, the amazing original choreographies of our wonderful local choreographer Stephen Mills. K.K. is so fortunate to be studying in his company. She says she already misses ballet class and the last class was just Friday - but she is also in the mood for a break. Zachary turns seven tomorrow - amazing.

Last night we watched the national Memorial Day concert and I was very much moved by the loss of life that stands behind our nation as we know it today. I'd seen many military families sightseeing when exploring in San Antonio. Listening to General Colin Powell talk about military personnel "in harm's way" brought back very recent clear images of these young men and women and their families. I wonder if there is any way we humans can learn to "do war no more". I do pray there is.


Judy Roney said...

Wow, unbelieveable to think that the history museum would have things we would have had as a child...yikes! I'm glad the school year is almost over and you and Bob are looking forward to the summer together. Hope the field trip is a great success. Bob is lucky to have you to help him so much! I hear about year end clean ups from my teacher friends and I know it's no fun.
Hope you have a fantastic summer.

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