Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Morning. I'm disappointed I didn't get to make Valentines with the kids this year. I offered several times and apparently we just had communication break down - makes me sad. Sad comes easily right now and I'm working on lifting my own spirits. I have a morning without clients to clean and sort and I'll feel better if I do it well rather than sit at the computer dreading I won't do it well. Managing life (householder life more than professional life) involves keeping track of so many details - and I am not good at that, never have been. I'm haunted by my mother's old refrain about me. "The child doesn't face reality." But reality has so many levels - relational and ethical as well as mundaned and detailed. Some days its easier to function on all levels successfully. Other days I'd rather be a protected princess who doesn't have to do the hard stuff. But that's not a life I'd really choose even if I could. Enough musing. Time to file.

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Ruth said...

I feel sad that we didn't get to the making order we intended to do... I want to make that a priority in the next few weeks!

It's so easy to get distracted and just enjoy being with you but I want to help you too.