Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am up too late tonight, but I feel happy, really satisfied with my work and my day. I am so fortunate to have found work I really love most days - to be in a position to see people's growth and their fears, to be trusted with their vulnerability and to witness the seismic shifts that make big differences in lives (or little ones). I went grocery shopping with Ruth tonight and enjoyed the colors and textures of the food - especially the shiny green zucchini and the purple onions, the heavy oval Roma tomatoes - colors and textures that will translate into tastes. I'm in a mood to cook, to feed. And tomorrow morning I can sleep late - fix lunch for Ruth, work only afternoon and early evening. That is luxury I treasure. Spring is beginning to warm the air and the moon is past half, waxing. The buds are on the trees, the sap just beneath the surface creating a green haze of renewing life. There is much to fear but I am not fearful at this moment. This moment I dwell in hope.

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