Friday, February 23, 2007

I was deeply moved today by Senator OBama's speech and by his presence. The ground swell for him here is huge - started with the Universtiy of Texas Democrats hosting a rally in the relatively small gym on campus - ended up with 20,000 on the shores of Town Lake. I liked the content and the style - the agenda items regarding health care, education, energy, environment, immigration, the economy and the war. I think its sad that the San Antonio press fixated on the one negative comment he made - regarding Dick Cheney. The speech was positive and inspiring - giving a sense of the man, an overview of his goals and positions, a case for why the American public would, at this time elect "a black man named Barack Obama", and a call to action. I need to study his web site a little more, read his book, - but I think I've found my guy - the one I can truly belive can lead our nation in an ehtical direction appropriate at this time in this place.

I am worn out after five hours treking by bus to the rally, stnding through it, and treking back. I'm also exhilerated. I'll get more details out after sleeping, and also welcome specific questions.

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