Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's evening. What a differnece a day makes. Istarted this day low energy, not full of expectations, and ended uphavingabeautifulValentine'seveningwihtRUth andthekids.We didit all at awhisper becauseRuth haslosthervoice.Maybe the soft talking set a gentletone.Idon'tknow,but it was truly a celebration of love and family - simple meal of fishsticks witha sweet blessing - even Zachary adding gratitude. KK and Danny both di homework well and with focus. Tenderness aboundedall around. I go to bed hapy tonight, rich in love.

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Ruth said...

It was a beautiful night. Thank you so much for your part in that!

As I passed through my living room heading back to write this I was greeted by a thousand tiny rainbows from the heart prism mobile you gave me. Thanks again... It made me happy to get a valentines gift from you (I need to work on remembering to give little gifts like that!)