Friday, February 02, 2007

Tonight begins the Sabbath of the trees and song - a festival Sabbath that comes in with the full moon Ruth and I visited our traveling Reconstructionist community - met tonight in the club house of a fancy apartment complex north of the house. We arrived in the cold night with the moon rise - heavy golden moon pushing up over the horizon as with effort and in great majesty. I like the traveling services - the need to set up chairs, move tables, make a place for ourselves rather than just using a building cleaned and arranged by others. I like this congregation too -its small enough and diverse in age and apparent interests, open to its own diversity. I really like Rabbi Monty - his obvious passion for his congregation and for living a holy life in the world as it is. He spoke tonight about Martin Luther King Jr. - how he was a true prophet in the line of Hebrew prophets and how each of us should look for the calling and mission to which we could apply as much effort and passion as Dr. King applied to the cause of civil rights.

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Ruth said...

I kept meaning to write about this service. I'm glad you did.

I'm so hopeful about Shalom Rav... nervous but optimistic... Thank you for sharing this experiment with me