Friday, February 16, 2007

A good friend's father died tonight in the Christopher House hospice, and another friend's father was moved into Christopher House this afternoon. It does seem to be a season of dying. Ruth and I just got back from giving one friend a ride to the hospice to spend a few quiet moments with her father's body. Ruth still wishes that she, at five had gotten the chance to come to the hospital in the night to see Kerry after he died. I took the advice of nurses not to wake her that night and have her brought to see his body. She said it felt healing - like a redoing - to give our friend a ride to say her good bye. I felt good too, to be part of this process, this grieving. I think comforting those who mourn is a major part of my personal mission. That seems odd on one level, since I have a strangely matter of fact attitude toward death, especailly after long life. Its late, but I feel good about having been ableto help in this way.

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Ruth said...

I've always been impressed by your ability to comfort the grieving--I think I always worry that I'm too matter-of-fact (read heartless) about death to provide much comfort. It's facinating to hear you struggle with the same issue.

Just for the record--I don't fault you for my not seeing Daddy's body. And I'm honestly not sure if it would have made a difference or not... it is what it is and I have no ill feelings about it.

I love you