Thursday, December 20, 2012

Darkness and light - post 20

Tonight Bob and I and KK and her friend visited our city's trail of lights along with hundreds of other Austinites. I've done this off and on (mostly on) since college days and spun under the gigantic tree made of wires of lights of every color. It was fun tonight to be out in the cold with people I love among well behaved strangers celebrating sparkle. I watched. the two girls walking ahead with their arms around each other's waists and felt fear for them, both because we are all so vulnerable in the world and because each has possibly serious medical isuues.

I also though about how awful it would be if a shooter targeted the trail of lights. I've never thought that before. I wonder if many people stayed away for that reason. Clearly many people, with their small children wrapped up and in strollers, came anyway. I'm glad of that. Tonight's lights are, for me, trusting an unsafe world enough to participate fully whatever may or may not come.


Mary said...

We have what is called "Christmas Tree Lane" here. It has been in existence for a few decades... All hopes in a few block radius decorate. If you drive (or walk - brrrrr) through at night, they collect donations for the MACC fund. This year a thief stole a large inflated Santa in front of one of the homes. First time ever something like this happened here. So very sad...but much good is done each year through collections here.

Victoria said...

Mary, It is crummy that someone stole the big inflatabled Santa. I understand about the good done through the fund raising and also can barely imagine how cold walking would be in your neck of the woods. Our Trail of lights allows voluntary contributions to nonprofits.