Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cosy in Blacksburg

Bob's parents are absolutely superb at creating a sense of home.   So here I lie under a pink silk comforter with fires in the fire places and garlands on the mantels and lights outslide welcoming all.  I love it, as an augmentation to their welcoming hugs.  This trip we have been listening in the car to  The Warmth of Diferent Suns, and absolutely superbly human version of the great migration of blacks from south to north to escape Jim Crow.. It is a perfect (and I realy don't even believe in perfection) blending of fhistorical drtailt and personal story.. We also saw the Civil Rights Institute  in Birmingham right acros the street  from the Sixtenth Street Babpist Church where toe four litle girls were shot on September 15, 19633 where the foule itle girls were kiled in the church bombing. There wil be more posts on history, nonviolence, contempt, the value of comunity.But I'm faling aslrp here and I don;t type wel thre quarters asleep

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Mary said...

Victoria, glad you have arrived and have been greeted with warmth!