Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Darkness and light 5 - Big Picture Tthinking

 Big picture thinking is hard for me. my tendancy is to do what I can where I am to make simple differences. I tend to be happy making little changes for individuals and mostly changes in my own behavior and thinking, but I am married to a man who has taught me the importance of the bigger picture, of thinking of the whole world and how everyone's we.llbeing or lack thereof interacts. I do feel strongly that "We are all in this together." as citizens of the world in terms of perserving the earth's resources as much as possible and getting along at least well enough not to killeach other off[. What I don't have is the solid information and focus on facts and details about worldwide problems which give grounding to that basic view. So this month, at least, I'm going to work on learning at least a little about a variety of worldwide problems. I hope I'll be blogging at least the occasional factual article or link about issues which affect the earth and all on it.


Mary said...

An interesting post, Victoria. Have to think about the difference between being involved locally and involved globally. I am visiting ONE woman shut-in, a small thing by global standards. But I keep thinking if we each did one small thing locally what a strong effect it would have globally. For me it is easier to address things in my feels like I can really do something to help. Just my response to your write; but I know that is just my perspective.

Victoria said...

Mary, I am like you. It is my nature to try to meet needs which are in my face. I am a small picture person by nature. I think people can do huge amounts of good one little act at a time, and I think it is wonderful that you are visiting one woman shut in. I bet you bring her something to look forward to. My focus in the original post was not on changing my basic way of being. I don't think I can. I just want to push myself a little more this month to see the whole world as it interconnects. My actions will always be local.