Saturday, December 29, 2012

Darkness and light 29

 As the month of writing about darknes and light draws to an end, I am about to break one of my own unspoken rules. I've not been writing about live people as sources of light and lessons, and of course live people are.t I felt anxious about how to chose and in which order among people who might be reading what I wrote. But, having written  about  my first great love last night I want to write about my second and present great love tonight. So many lesons from you Bob. There is a diference in just being out in the country and being in the presence of awdsome unruined wildnes. Self delusion is dangerous. Sometimes planning realy does create beter experiences. Sometimes it really is beter to wait until I calm down to say anything about anything. But brightest of your lights to me is the constant leson that trying to make a diference makes the bigest diference of all. Having loved you and been loved by you, I can never again just be a pasenger or a consumer - got to try to see the big picture, create some kind of strategy and steer my actions in acordance with my values and toward some aproximation of what sems best for all.

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