Sunday, July 27, 2008

My writing group had a prompt to write a nature poem, and here on the deck at Joe and Heidi's house I watch and hear the noisy Northwestern crows as we talk of social justice issues. The two themes merged in my mind, producing a poem.


Northwestern crows caw with confidence,
volume, raspy resolve. "Pay attention!"
they declare. Insistent, raucous yammering
hurts human ears. I slam window shut,
consider fashion options for my scarecrow.
But native people claim crows cry "Injustice".
Easier to label crows obnoxious, insane.
Easier to shut my heart to attrocity.
I fling open my window, rip hands from ears,
and add my single voice to the persistent
outcry of the ancient concil of crows
May justice be done. May justice be done.