Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm coming to the end of my solicited questions (so if any of you have more, ask away.) This is Ruth's last and I have two more from Bob

If someone were to give you a gift a day for a month what would you want the gifts to be?

If someone important were to give me one of something every day for a month I'd want stories - memories - annecdotes of connection - the stories that made up the structure of our relatinship for that person.


Peggy said...

What a neat gift that would be!

Mary said...

I would enjoy that too. It is a gift I would not have thought of, but it would be the perfect gift!

Mary said...

You said < I'm coming to the end of my solicited questions (so if any of you have more, ask away.) >

Okay, here are some more:

(1) What would be your second choice of profession if you HAD to make a switch (and if it were possible to be immediately trained in it)?

(2) Is there anything that you miss...that you used to do many / a few year ago, but don't do much/ at all any more?

(3) What talents or interests do you have that you hope to make use of (moreso, perhaps) or develop or explore in the next few years?

Mary J. said...

I have also been mulling over some questions, so this is probably a good time to post them!

* Do you believe in absolute truth, and if so, what is it or what does it mean?

* What are your thoughts on and/or approach to discipline in child rearing?

* 5 of your favorite nonfiction books & why

* 5 of your favorite fiction books & why

* What do you love about living in Austin? What would you change if you could?

* Who or what has been your greatest writing influence (or more than one influence, from different times or in different capacities)?

* If you could visit anywhere in the world (without having to deal with the physical travel aspect!), where would you go?

* What main sources do you read or go to for your news, and why?

* You have spoken in the past about stages of grief and grief coming in waves; could you explain what what that process was like for you with Kerry and/or at other times in your life – in particular, how you might share from your experience of this process to help someone else understand grieving.

* What are some of your favorite foods, (1) to eat and (2) to make [or both!]?

* As someone with no counseling background or experience, I am interested in hearing about some of the core teachings/lessons/approach you use in your practice. What are some of the unhealthy thoughts/perspectives you help people work through, and some of the healthy thoughts/perspectives you help them strive for?

Anonymous said...