Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bob and I are safely home in hot Texas after our glorious interlude in the Pacific Northwest. It's hard to believe both places and climates exist at the same moment on the time space continuum. Our flight home was as uneventful and pleasant as our flight out and the house, Lobo (dog), and Caleb (cat) are well and seem happy to see us. Joanna met us at the airport and we enjoyed having a visit with her. I work tomorrow, though not before 11:00, so I should be a sensible person and go to bed. But I want to post our Gig harbor Washington bid list first, so I will.

Birds Bob and I saw in Gig Harbor Washington area - July 24 through July 28, 2008

The order is relatively chronological, but Bob put the three signature birds of the trip first, and had to start with the bald eagle. We had many sightings of mature and juvenile eagles from the deck, often quite close. WOW. We have to go back to visit though, because we didn't see the osprey (as if I couldn't come up with a few thousand other reasons for a return visit!)

Bald eagle
great blue heron
belted kingfisher
northwestern crow
band tailed pigeon
tree swallow
glaucous backed gull
mew gull
common murre
northern flicker (red shafted)
dak eyed junco
American robin
rufous humming bird
stellar jay
violet green swallow
barn swallow
hairy wood pecker
red tailed hawk
Canada goose
fox sparrow
piine siskin
American goldfinch