Friday, July 18, 2008

I have WAY too much to write - so full of thoughts and impressions of this trip to Blacksburg, all the people and places. Right now, between family visits, I cna't compose my brain to get it all down right. Main points - I love the man I'm married to and celebrating his birthday yesterday was great. I'm glad we did it with his family and stood out in the street with his parents after others left and looked at the beautiful full moon. I so appreciate both the goodness and hhe intelligence of the family from which Bob came.


Mary said...

Victoria, how wonderful that you were able to celebrate Bob's birthday with his parents. How many years since that has happened? I am sure Bob's parents much enjoyed sharing their son's birthday after, I would guess, it has been a few years. I love the image of everyone standing in the street and looking at the moon.

Anonymous said...