Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm worn out today with a long work day and an emotional three episodes of War and Peace. The horror of war and the foolishness of most humans are so clearly protrayed. A sweet note today was watching the boys at the park playing lovingly with a toddler named Rose. Both Danny and Zachary had great patience pushing her in the baby swing (that all of my grands and both of my daughters were pushed in, and that hopefully will have new family baby swingers next summer!) Rose's mother had their pet at the parrk, a beautiful, friedly. (trained) white cockatoo named Angel boy. Both or our boys and their big sister were intrigued with this lovely bird.

I love my new crop of questions to answer but don't feel enough energy for the harder ones. One I can handle tonight is Mary's, Is there anything that you miss...that you used to do many / a few year ago, but don't do much/ at all any more?

Yes, I miss playing the piano. I played several hours most days when I was in high school and college and stopped playing when I left campus and didn't have a pian. When I got my childhood piano back after Kerry died (when my parents moved to Texas and brought it with them) my skills were rusty and I wasn't in a musical mood. And Bob plays better than I ever did, so I just never started playing again. Right now I don't have a piano in the house - but do own one in air conditioned storage. I've been thinking about bringing it home and starting from the beginning again. I never was very good on the piano, but I used to love playing songs from Broadway shows and folk music, some spirituals and some easier classical pieces.

I also miss needlework - just realized this recently. Beading takes much the same role, but the textures are different. I stitched from the time I was eight or nine into my forties - odd not to be doing it anymore - may try picking that up again too.


Mary said...

Oh, Victoria, it would be so nice if you would bring the piano out of air-conditioned storage and get back into playing it again. The most important thing would be that it would bring you enjoyment. When if not now? I enjoyed reading your answer to my question. Thank you.

Anonymous said...