Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We just got back from the Edwards' rally. It was much smaller than the Obama rally here in Austin two weeks ago - held in the restored old train station. Ruth and I arrived early so we stood in front, only about four feet from the candidate. He spoke well and with intensity about issues of substance - starting with global warming. One thing I noticed was that he seems to be a naturally good teacher, to explain back ground concepts readily without distracting from his flow. I was surprised he did not talk at all about the veterans' health issue since he sent (online) a petition on that topic today. It is exciting to me to see presidential candidates espousing views I can embrace. Yes, as several of you have indicated, it is early and much could change before November 2008, but I'm excited to have this time to learn about the candidates and their views and to see them in different contexts.

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