Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lots of bits and pieces.

Danny has a new red eared slider turtle baby named Rock Star (Danny's name because of his proficiency climbing rocks) He's silver dollar sized right now but will grow to be hand sized. They already had a tank, so its great its inhabited now. Danny is proud of his reptile, who is cute.

Tomorrow Ruth and I will go hear John Edwards speak in San Antonio. Its exciting to hear candidates speak live. And I always love a road trip, even a short one, with Ruth.

Fourth graders learn so much more than I did at that age. KK's proficient with decimals, all kinds of graphs and the concept of median. It surprises me. And her discipline continues to impress me.

I'm up way to late for having an early day tomorrow - seem to be resisting sleep lately. I wonder what that's about.

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