Saturday, March 03, 2007

The second bob threat at Chris' school seems to have been a hoax - frustrating to all but at least no one was hurt.

Danny got a baby red eared slider turtle today and named it Rock Star. Rock Star is about the size of a silver dollar and precious - will grow to at least the size of my hand. Danny has an aquarium but the fish died, and he is excited to be converting it into a turtle home.

Full moon tonight and lunar eclipse - temperature in the thirties despite clouds of redbud flowers. I love late winter early spring - a sweet fragile, delicate time when both death and new life seem close and precious. We had a If March were a color" prompt for my writing group and I wrote:

March is aquamarine,
the color of moving air
and flowing water that
remembers being ice,
first petal of first
baby blue eye in
greening graveyard..
Fragile as hope,
salted with tears.

KK just finished a summary sheet - three pages - of study information about the Texas Revolution. I remeber learning all of that when I was a fourth grader in Houston. Some things never change. Its time to take her to the Alamo. Danny's working on hard spelling words - like hour and our. I love helping and watching the kids learn. The kids are playing red light green light in the hall and I'm fixing Mama's meatloaf recipe. I wish Bob were here, miss him this weekend that he stays back in Corpus to save gas and prepare math work packages for his students.

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