Monday, March 05, 2007

I am in a really great mood at this moment, and have been pretty much all day. Zachary and I worked on his letters and numbers, had lunch, played at the park on a gorgeous spring day. Red bud time is in full tilt - not at its peak but well begun, and it makes me smile. Zach and I took a color walk and, without prompting, he told me it was getting to be "color time - not all brown." That made me smile too. He was especially impressed by a beautiful patch of all white tulip buds - still not open. Next week he will get to see them in full bloom. He's also at the age of beginning to identify letters on license plates - numbers too, and ask me if he's not sure. Its a fun time to walk with him as long as we aren't in a hurry. I'll miss these Monday mornings when he starts kindergarten in the fall - no more easy, automatic Zach and Grandma time. We'll have ot work for it, like with everybody else. He has been such a gift.

I also feel good because I have successfully started - far from finished - some garage organizing and cleaning tasks I was having trouble facing. I four big bags of extra trash out on the curb and two hanks of cardboard - still trash in the backyard, but its better. I am distressed at how much I can get bogged down and unable to start projects. If I start I seem to be able to keep going, but starting - it's hard. Having Mondays off really is a sanity break for me, even though my other four work days are long and intense as a consequence.

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