Friday, March 02, 2007

The bomb threat drama continues. Chris called Ruth on a friend's cell phone because his was left in the school when all were evacuated yet again for another bomb threat - we think empty, we think copy cat who wanted to get out of school on Friday afternoon - but the possibility of harm, the amount of anger floating around, is freaky.

I had a sweet eperience this afternoon. I got to sit with Ruth and a client of mine who is getting married later this month as they created this young woman's vows. I was glad Ruth was next door in her studio when the issue of vow writing surfaced. My own sense of vows is simple, traditional, the promise to love honor and cherish in sickness, in health, for richer for poorer, to the exclusion of others from this day forward, til death do us part. I have heard alternate wording, but apparently the whole concept of vows is different in today's wedding culture, or can be. The "vows" part of the wedding gives bride and groom a chance to talk to/about each other and their joy and hope for the marriage, as well as their comitment . I loved listening to my client come alive and glow like - well - a bride - as she talked about the reasons she feels confident and joyfull about spending the rest of her life with this young man. I also was surprised that both young women like the "til death do us part" wording - feeling that married love is not ended by death. They have different takes on what the enternity of arried love means - and I also believe all love is eternal. This vow writing experience was another moment for me of realization that I have a twentieth century consciousness and sensibility in the twenty first century - a little unsettling but in this case very sweet.

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