Friday, December 01, 2006

The temperature hovers around freezing and I'd best get my layers on and get to the bus stop. It should be a busy but pleasant work day. The young therapist to whom I have been subleasing my office for a couple of years will be out of my office - her books, toys etc. today. That will be good for both of us. She is able to afford her own space in out building now and I'm delighted her practice has grown as I thought it would. She's good at her work with kids and teens and I wanted to help launch her by providing affordable space - but now I'm really ready for the office to belong just to me again. I think I will keep it cleaner and feel more connected to it now that it belongs to just me again. She and I are going out to lunch with her sweet red haired one year old in tow to celebrate the change.

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Ruth said...

Congratulations on getting your office back!