Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's cold outside - our first freeze after temperatures close to 80 yesterday. Zachary carried out to the car in a blanket this morning wailed with great distress "Why is it freezing cold in my street?" He was not impressed. I wasn't really either at the bus stop with the wind chill in the teens. Next time I'll remember my hoodie and gloves. I was fine this evening walking home from the bus because the wind had died down. That walk felt pleasantly brisks but this morning I was plain freezing.

I love the way KK's school teaches many things - especially science this year. She gets to make models and machines out of simple household objects. Last night it was an insulator which could contain an ice cube. She got a little circular tupperware container and put it inside a knitted pouch, set it inside a larger tupperware, all space stuffed with hotpads from the kitchen. I hope Joanna can manage without her hot pads until the project comes home!

Its been a good work week - fast moving and connecting - feel like I'm helpful to people. My feet are cold at this moment, but I am happy.

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Ruth said...

Zachy is so cute! I wonder if he'll grow to cherish the cold like I did? I remember how MUCH I hated it.

I rode my bike to the post office this afternoon and liked it so much I pestered Chris into going for a night ride. We had fun (until the police came to patrol the park curfew and we had to HAUL BUTT to get out of there without a ticket!) I'm enjoying the cold. Sorry you were freezing this morning.

KK's project sounds really cool. I remember insulator projects (in jr high) with great fondness. KK has always been interested in science. It's hard for me to remember 'cause she is SO "one of us" but she really does. I wonder if any of those kids (or mine) will get the Walter gene/interest?