Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cool afternoon, no wind - KK is going to Allison's birthday party with a dolphin gift in tow. The girls are lovers of dolphins and dream of training them together someday. Joanna is taking her boys home this evening while KK is with Allison and Bob and I will have an unexpected couple evening, a nice surprise. I'm reading Barbara Kinsolver's Animal Dreams which is worth reading for the language and the sense of place in a small Mexican and Native American influenced town called Grace Arizona. The main character went through medical school and then decided being a doctor wasn't a match for her - that she couldn't do it. Of course I decided the same thing, though I didn't go all the way through med school - changed paths after getting in. I think I was right about myself, that I am better as therapist than I would have been as doctor, but sometimes I feel like I took an easy way out - running from blood and guts, overwhelmed empathy, long hours, sexism, and a systemwhich felt too impersonal. I don't think I'd change what I chose, but thinking about the road not taken is interesting and a bit unbalancing.

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Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing this Mama,

I never know you EVER questioned that decision: being a therapist is just such the perfect match for you it never occured to me!