Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bob and I had this weekend pretty much to ourselves - a surprise. Joanna got to have time with her kids and we were unexpectedly on our own. We got the chores done, washing, grocery shopping, precooking, and grading (a test about equivalent fractions on which many of the kids did pretty well) - cuddled lots and slept in both days - took a walk at Town Lake last night and another at McKinney Falls this afternoon. The season is shifting - from bright full fall last Monday to faded almost winter today - a few leaves still clinging to trees but the bare bones of branches beginning to stand stark against softly pillowed sky. It was good to have time to ourselves though I find myself missing the kids this evening now that Bob is gone back to Corpus.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and Bob got some time together (and that Joanna and the KiDZ did!) Sounds like a wonderful weekend. It is incredible being out in the new winter--everything SO different than it was last week.

I love that you end your post with missing the children--we are all lucky to have you and that capacity to love in our lives.