Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tonight I went to the annual sing along symphony concert with old friends and grandchldren and their Daddy. The Austin symphony has learned that people want to SING at a sng along and made almost the whole thing participator, not performance. Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, and Santa made in the flesh appearances. Danny chose to go down to meet Rudolph - so extroverted and confident. KK sang the whole concert, able to read the words off the screen and follow. Zachary seemed a little overwhelmed by all the sound, but clapped in time to "Litter Drummer Boy. I felt overwhelmingly tender toward everyone there with me - though missing those who were not there. Joanna had to work, and Ruth , Bob and Chris aren't backint own yet.

I enjoyed the Christmas concert so much, though Christmas isn't my holiday. I also am glad we went, and were able to take the children to, a Channukah party on Sunday night and sing by the light of many mennorahs. Saturday night was a Christmas party in Sorpus with Bob's school family. I am doing holiday events bt a little at arms length, not fully connected. I wish I felt mre deeply involved in making hlidays good for others this year. I feel more like I'm enefitting from a sweetness in the air - not contributing much - disorganized - but very thankful to feel loved.

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Ruth said...

I'm glad the sing along was fun (and participatory!)

I think most of us feel a little disconnected from the holidays this year. I wonder if that will change.

I need to go try to finish my scrapbooks (but I lost the file with the stories I'd written AGAIN!!!