Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have trouble writing about my life right now. So much is changing. It seems like everything is changing day to day, but I know it's not quite that extreme. Bob is for sure moving back to Austin to teach sixth grade in the fall, which means we need to clean out his apartment. Joanna's family is moving out of Ruth's house so Ruth and Chris can sell the house, and I have been helping with the packing for that move. K.K. and Zachary are super helpers, even long hard hot packing days, and Andrea is a darling toddle-waddle who tries to help or hinder by turns, putting the right things into boxes or taking the wrong things out. Danny is in Corpus with Bob at the Texas State Aquarium's explorer camp, which is superb and perfect for him. The kids are learningto use a seine net in the sand, to identify birds, fish, and insects, to canoe, to use a compass, the rudiments of scubs - so many real
naturalist skills. Danny is in his element, totally thrilled. His voice just resonated joy when he told me on the phone about the BIG black bellied whistling duck that flew low over his head in the marsh, whistling. Bob works hard to make the right activities happen for the grandkids every summer, and he sure has hit with Danny and Sea Camp. Actually, I'd like to go to Sea Camp myself.


Mary said...

Always so good to see your posting. Glad that all the moves are coming at altogether, that all are supportive. Danny's experience sounds wonderful. I'd like to go to Sea Camp too.

Ann said...

What a wonderful support you are to your family, Victoria. So very many changes, may they all be wonderful, at least eventually when the dust settles.