Sunday, March 01, 2009

What a weekend! Yesterday Joanna brought baby Andrea over while K.K. danced jazz, so now both newest grandchilden have been at our house. Andrea was an utter pink bundled joy of cuddly baby. Jo and I even took her - ll wrapped up in the cool afternoon - on a walk to and back from the elementary school her mommy used to attend. I like living in the same neighborhood across generations, having familiar landmarks. It was especially sweet that Bob came home while Andrea and Joanna were here and got to snuggle the former and talk movies with the latter.

Yesterday evening at the symphony with Lord and Lady Galway playing their golden flutes was just incandescent. I am astonsished when anyone does anything that well. And the additional joy of sharing the symphony experience with K.K. and her friend Ian put it pretty much over the top. We were anxious about being late, the evening was COLD and the walk long in our light coats and with K.K. in uncomfortable shoes which she eventually kicked off on the stairs, but in the end the performance and the experience of sharing it with the two young people was just great. I felt so tender toward K.K. when we brought her back to our house after taking Ian home and she changed out of her gorgeous black dress into pajama pants and an oversized jaguar T shirt to be more comfortable on the ride back to her house and bed. Bob put more Mozart flute music on in the car, and K.K. dozed and smiled, smiled and dozed - just a magical evening.

This morning Bob and I watched an excelllent performance of Chekov's "The Seagull" on video - such a sad play about people making poor choices out of ego. It startles me a little that when I first read the play as a young woman I didn't react as strongly as I do now against the choices, didn't see as clearly that they were choices.

This afternoon Bob and I watched the Texas Longhorns win a no hitter against Penn State - slways a kick to see excellence at that level. I laughed at myself because of the extent to which I subscribe to the superstition that talking about a no hitter jinxes the pitcher. The man behind me kept talking loudly about NOT talking about what was clearly (he he) happening and I had to resist strongly the urge to yell at him to SHUT UP!


Mary said...

What a special experience - sharing the symphony experience with KK and Ian. And sweet that Joanna and you took Andrea on a walk to and back from the elementary school Joanna used to attend. It IS nice that you still live among familiar landmarks and that your children and grandchildren will continue to have the opportunity to experience them too.

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