Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good work day and good evening - tired now but happily tired. I got most of the weeds out of the garden in preparation for planting this weekend. Drizzly rain made the soil easier to work - and I hope we are moving out of drought. I've mostly put away the beautiful clothes Ruth handed down to me and wore a yellow and peach outfit of hers/mine today that made me smile.

I had an interesting conversation today with a younger therapist friend who says that her teen age clients seem to have a whole different culture around electronic communication. Now I'm sitting here on my blog - obviously a lover of electronic communication - but some of what she said was odd to me - cell phones always on, including at the table at meals, constant IM's, a "rule" that if you don't respond to a text message in fifteen minutes you are ignoring the sender - not good manners. She says some young people communicate mostly by text, more than in real life.

I'm very much aware I have a twentieth century mind.


Peggy said...

Wow Victoria, I am way behind on your blog and it was so nice to read and catch up again with your world. Busy, busy, busy--no time for boredom there! I love hearing about the babies and your connections with friends and family. How lucky the world is to have you in it. Enjoy!

Mary said...

Interesting indeed about electronic communication. One thing I haven't got into is 'texting.' I know so many people are into that. One thing surprised me at church the other week. A young person was texting during the service. I can't imagine what was so important that could not have waited an hour! I do think communication has so much changed in the past decade or so. It has its advantages and disadvantages, I think. 50% of each, as I see it.

Anonymous said...