Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring break is half over and I am chasing my tail (very happily though). I have so much to write and don't want to take the time to write it. I want to keep enjoying having Bob home, and I will, of course. I probably should have just canceled work this week, but I wanted to save my opportunities to be out of the office for summer. If I'm gone too much it's hard on my clients. Anyway, I'll hit a few highlights here - hope to fill in details later.

Saturday - Morning walk in the neighborhood with Bill Mary Lee and Lobo - great conversations, and Bill can still balance on curbs with ease and grace! Afternoon, Mary Lee and I observed half of K.K.'s jazz dance class from the glass cage above - lots of stretches and then some dancing. Mary Lee got to meet K.K.'s beloved teacher, Rocker, and to observe other beloved teacher Danny teaching a kid's tap class. While we were at ballet Austin, Bill visited with Ruth, Chris and Liam. Later in the afternoon Joanna, Tracy, the boys and Andrea Grace joined the party - much eating, talking, play, laughter, and passing around of babies. At one point I sat on the bench in the front yard with a baby in each arm and several cameras aimed at us - Fun. After the young families went home Bob, Bill, Mary lee and I had more good deep talk.

Sunday - Again Bill, Mary Lee and I started with a morning walk (Lobo too). This time some of the talk was about the shooting almost two years ago at Virginia Tech, and the responses to that horror. The young families joined us later in the day for food, talk and play.

Monday-Bob and I took Bill and Mary Lee to the airport early, then drove out to Round Rock to get the big grand kids and the van so we could have K.K.'s friend Ian join us for a hike. We went out to Pedernales Falls State park and hiked along the "green glass river." Spring is still elusive - just the barest promise of needles on a few of the bald cypresses and no wild flowers yet, even after several days of good rain. It was a joy hiking with the kids, all four. Ian fits well into our family group - likes doing what we do - and he and k.K. are sweet together.

Tuesday - WORK! WORK! WORK! I was dead tired by the end of the day and Bob took me out for Indian food - madras soup is my current favorite comfort food I think. Or maybe ginger snaps. At this moment I'm craving ginger snaps big time. After I revived a little Bob and I watched the movie Milk about the gay San Francisco supervisor who was killed in the seventies - strong film. Sac news was that Mort Satten, psychodramatist, friend, mentor - one of my personal heroes, died of his lung cancer after a long fight. Mort deserves his own blog entry and he'll get it, but tomorrow, not tonight.

Today, Wednesday - Really great day. I'm so glad I took it off. We slept late, had breakfast at home, went to my office to get jewelry together for the friend who is taking it to a motor cycle race in Del Rio to sell as much as she can. Joanna and Andrea met us at the office so Joanna could pick out some jewelry and we had lunch with them at Soup R Salad - such a treat to have that relaxed time with them. Later in the day Bob and I watched the movie Pearl Harbor, which moved us and solidified our knowledge of the events of that "day of infamy." Bob checked details on the Internet after the film and confirmed the correctness of the history. We had a simple supper, made a dent in our pile of laundry, and took an evening walk down at Town Lake - enjoyed reflections of city skyline in the water.


Mary said...

You definitely are having some busy days while Bob is home for spring break. And such special family time with walks, talks, playing, laughter, longer hikes and work!

We saw the movie Pearl Harbor right when it came a movie theater in Hawaii. Quite a moving experience, as some of the older men (Hawaiian) had memories......

Sorry to read about the death of one of your mentors. I will look forward to reading the blog entry about him when you have time to write it.

Joe Hendricks said...

Victoria, I admire and love you so much !

Judy said...

I do know what you are saying, V, about having so much to say but not having the time to say it. You are just busy living your life right now and it sounds like bliss to me. Having your husband home and surrounded by your families. You are making some wonderful memories, you can write about it later. :)
I'm so sorry for your loss of your mentor, Mort Satten. I look forward to hearing more about him.

Anonymous said...