Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The moon is one day past full - was beautiful last night rising pink, then lemon yellow. Redbuds are just past peak - beginning to leaf out. I saw my first blue bonnets yesterday in a yard - not wild, watered. Today you'd think it was still February - forty three and raining. The next few days will be the same.

Mira died a year ago today. I keep reliving the days around her death - the sadness - especially the sadness and strength of Ruth and Chriss on Ruth's birthday and at Passover. Now those events are coming up again, and we will have Liam with us, warm, sweet, live (I trust). So much changes. This year particularly has brought so many changes. The first flock of grand children is really growing up and this second flock, I'm just getting to know (barely).

I'm changing my blogs at this time of changing seasons and changing family structure. I'm closing the "One Step Removed" blog which I started after Mira's death and starting a new blog Family Forward and Back for grandchildren stories, memories, recipes, old letters, I'm not sure quite what. This blog, AND NOW, I'll keep, and will keep it's content more general, philosophical, poetic, quote filled, literary (again, who knows exactly?) I'm in the mood for change.


mary j. said...

I look forward to your new Family blog! Post a link when you've got it up.

I love redbuds. I planted a tiny seedling from mom's yard last fall, and I'd like to transplant a few more this spring (she has lots of volunteers!). Our forsythia have promising large green buds now, and I've seen my first blooming daffodils! We have wintery days ahead, in the 30s with the possibility of snow even tomorrow.

Mary said...

Victoria, I look forward to seeing where you go with THIS blog and also look forward to reading your new family blog. I understand being in the mood for change! I think spring is the time of year for it!

Judy said...

This year certainly did bring so much change for you and Bob and those you love. Many wonderful changes.

Lynne said...

It's hard for me to realize that a year has passed since you all lost little Mira, Victoria. But considering that you have precious Liam and Andrea now, it puts time into perspective for me. I smile with the happiness you must be feeling with these two wonderful grandbabies, as well as the older grands.
Your description of the moonrise is magical, by the way, In fact your first paragraph sounds like a poem in the making.

I'm looking forward to your blog change - "Family Forward and Back" - Fun to be able to change things.

Diane T said...

Your year was filled with profound sadness at the loss of Mira and great joy with the birth of Liam and Andrea. I will look forward to your new blog.

Anonymous said...