Saturday, May 05, 2007

This weekend is so busy - so full of important life cycle events and moments from which change may flow.

Bob and Chris both attended the Austin Indepenent School District job fair - stood in lines, handed in resumes - so many teachers, some of them experienced, looking for jobs. Its hard to know who will be hiring. Bob was invited already to one interview - at TA Brown as little school a few blocks away from his old house (also a school James attended). It is exciting that he could be teaching there.

In the dance demonstration today, KK danced for the last time as a member of the Ballet Austin Youth division. Next year she will be part of the preprofessional division - no more lavender leotard - deep wine is next I think. I loved watching the demonstration - seeing the improvement of the dancers level by level from the little pre ballet children, awkward but very cute on stage in their blue leotards through the levels of youth ballet, one through three, each level markeclly more skilled and dancerly, poised, elegant, technically proficient. This year KK was one of the fabled "big dancers" who performed demonstration at the end of the program, showing the younger dancers what is in store if they keep working. She was required to wear just a touch of makeup and her hair in a low bun, Spanish style, at the nape of her neck. She wa sgorgeous and danced with grace and confidence. I of course remember her as a deaf kindergartener afraid to go back to ballet because she couldn't understand the teacher, as a ssecond grader losing her step in performance, even last year at the beginning struggling with the moves during watching day in character class. She has worked so hard, learned so much.

Tomorrow is Danny's day - his first Holy Comunion.

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