Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The kids had their last day of the school year today. Now it is summer (for them) if not truly by season. Bob finishes up at Menger on Friday. When he comes home for the summer this time he may be coming home for good. Ruth and Chris are moving back into their house next week. KK is about to get her long desired and saved for puppy. So much is changing. I feel anxious about so much change, but also hopeful that these will be good changes for all of us.

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Ruth said...

I didn't know KK was getting her puppy... COOL!

So strange how she is growng up--she called me the other day and she is just a totally different, grown-up, person on the phone now.

It's happy for you that you'll have Bob home for the summer (and hopefully for good). I know this type of broad sweeping change is hard for you but it will be full of blessings. Have faith.